G U L L I V E R ' S  T R A V E L S

Written by Lulu Rackza after the novel by Jonathan Swift

Devised with the company

Unicorn Theatre, 2020


Direction Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

Design Rosanna Vize

Composition Ben Ringham

Sound Design Owen Crouch

Lighting Design Jess Bernberg and Josh Gadsby

Video Design Jack Phelan and Jack Baxter

Assistant Director Alice Wordsworth


Performers Leah Brotherhead, Mae Munuo, Sam Swann, Jacoba Williams 

Gulliver's Travels was made in February 2020, and was cancelled the day of first preview in March 2021. These photos by Marc Brenner are from the dress rehearsal of the first version of the show pre-pandemic. One actor missing who was off sick.

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