Jason Medea Medley

by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart & Ensemble

Dresden Staatschauspiel

Direction / Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

Design / Rosie Elnile

Composition and Musical Direction / Anna Clock

Light / William Sonntag, Olivia Walter

Dramaturg / Katrin Schmitz

Dramaturg Assistant / Lea Aupperle

Assistant Director / Fiona Wiedmann

Design Assistant / Coorentin Müller 

Costume Assistant / Chiara Schmidt

Cast / Kriemhild Hamann, Sven Hönig, David Kosel, Oda Pretzschner

Musicians / Alexander Bersutsky, Karina Müller, Diana Bikbaev, Katrin Meingast


The single mother's downfall is perfect. Woodcock-Stewart dissects modern life with a cool but playful eye - and here additionally with the mirror of Greek tragedy. It is about showing and hiding, the mysteries of everyday life. And about justice between two people. About love, which comes and goes Torben Ibs, Theater Heute

Everything is elegiac, tragic, touching Nachtkritik

Director Jaz Woodcock Stewart uses the mythical source as if from a quarry. She takes out what is appropriate, accentuates it anew and puts it together in an unusual way." The most impressive remains the enigmatic final image. Dresden News

Jaz Woodcock-Stewart turns the material into a study of disintegrating love in everyday relationships. nachtkritik.de, Michael Bartsch, 11.06.2023

Behind the strict rules and controlled surface, Medea's great emotions break through again and again, sometimes violently, sometimes restrained. Movements, actions and dispositions replace words Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, Friederike Partzsch, 15.06.2023

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