S O M E T H I N G   N E W 

A piece by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

Performance Laboratory Salzburg

Nominated by National Theatre for Mitos21


An exploration of what it is to gift someone/to bring someone/ to impress upon someone/ to force upon someone your knowledge/ your culture/your way of thinking/your point of view/your artistic process. 

An exploration of British Empire- and Europe's- violent history.

'Violence is man recreating himself'  Frantz Fanon


Alongside that, an exploration of violence and cruelty in the pursuit of art-making.

“I wanted Maria to feel, not to act,” Bertolucci said. Bertolucci argued that it was necessary to humiliate Schneider in order to make his film.  Anna North, Vox


Mitos21 is a theatre network in which several of Europe's most influential producing theatres have joined together to promote exchange between European theatremakers across political and linguistic borders

Direction Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

Performers Alaa Dyab, Giuilia di Stefano, Jonathan Stolze

Photographs Jannik Goerger

Theater im KunstQuartier, Salzburg

Thomas Bernhard Institut

P E R F O R M A N C E   L A B O R A T O R Y   S A L Z B U R G 
The Provincialisation of Europe

Concept | Concept: Christoph Lepschy, Amélie Niermeyer

Project Management / Dramaturgy | Project Leaders / Dramaturgs: Christoph Lepschy, Frank Max Mueller, David Tushingham
Organization | Organization Mitos21: Iphigenia Taxopoulou
Production Assistance | Production Assistant: Verena Holztrattner

Productions by | Productions directed by:
Anna Balslev (Østerbro Theater, Copenhagen)
Branko Janack (German Theater, Berlin)
Egor Matveev (Theater of Nations, Moscow)
Tom Müller (Thomas Bernhard Institute - University Mozarteum, Salzburg)
Márk Tárnoki (Katona József Theater, Budapest)
Jaz Woodcock-Stewart (National Theatre, London)

With | With: Raban Bieling, Anna Lena Bucher, Nikita Buldyrski, India de Vere, Giulia di Stefano, Alaaeldin Dyab, Augustin Groz , Eli Hooker, Mariann Yar (guest | guest) Tereza Krejcova, Dylan Labiod, Nicola Manzoni, Elliot Norell, Ella Pelloquin, Edith Saldanha, Anna Seeberger, Anna Stein, Jonathan Stolze

The event will be in German and English.

Premiere 1st March 2019

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